Analytical Laboratories Research Infrastructure Center - CIBAL     

Entity responsible: Institute of Geophysics PAS (IG PAS) Department of Magnetizm

Entities implementing: Institute of Geophysics PAS (IG PAS)

The Centre of Research Infrastructure of Analytical laboratories (CIBAL) will be mainly used for research purposes. The research potential will be greatly enhanced  that will help to use the laboratory facilities in the other projects  in collaboration with another research centers (in Geology, Geography). The admission of visiting researches from other centers for short-time visits  according to rules of Transnational access of EPOS IP WP16 (8-12 person/week annually) will act toward the stronger collaboration and common projects. The wider access of lab facilities to PhD students (approximate 5 persons per year  will support our educational activities.

The implementation of the system of sharing the data and palaeomagnetic results, rock-magnetic results and environmental magnetism data will lead to better integration of this field of studies in Poland and better collaboration with other centers employing these type of data (e.g. Polish Geological Institute, Department of Geology of Warsaw University, Institute of Environmental Engineering of  Polish Academy of Sciences). The preparation of data for sharing according to rules of TCS EPOS WP16 will lead to data integration at European scale.

The data that are effect of the use of magnetic methods for environmental monitoring can be also shared with other institutions acting in the environmental monitoring system in Poland.

The new research infrastructure will be mainly used for fundamental research. These studies carried by Institute employees and Ph.D. students include:  the environmental studies of anthropogenic pollution at various scale with the application of magnetic methods; paleomagnetic studies of Europe and other areas; studies of magnetic properties of rocks and other substances (magnetic phases). These results can be linked to other fields of studies (geology, geochemistry).

The palaeomagnetic data as well as environmental magnetism data  collected  in many projects will be easily accessed in one indexed database. A such tool  will let to look into gathered data at different scales that can created a synergy mechanism that may lead to new scientific discoveries. The sharing of these data at the EPOS platform will lead to the further synergy at the European scale.

The part of the CIBAL research infrastructure can be also used for commercial value studies. It may include the studies of properties of magnetic materials (e.g. hysteresis parameters, Curie temperatures, the changes of magnetic properties of materials as the result of temperature. The environmental studies can include the determination of the level and structure of pollution by the magnetic materials, the magnetic properties of dusts, the accumulation of magnetic pollutants in plant-based material etc.) The infrastructure will also can be used for measurements and expertizes that would be requested by other external research projects in Geography, Geology and Biology.

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