Institute of Geophysics PAS

Institute of Geophysics PAS (KAT. "A") is a scientific unit of the Polish Academy of Sciences that conducts science and research activities in the field of geophysical sciences. The main statutory tasks of the Institute include scientific research, development, monitoring and educational activities, as well as dissemination of the results of the research and their implementation in the economy.

Research areas:

  • Sejsmology,
  • Lithospheric Research,
  • Geomagnetism,
  • Theoretical Geophysics,
  • Atmospheric Physics,
  • Hydrology and Hydrodynamics,
  • Polar and Marine Research.

The mission of the Institute of Geophysics:

  • Studying geophysical processes for better understanding of the mechanisms controlling the Earth’s system and risk management,
  • Working for the benefit of the society and economic development,
  • Development and maintenance of strategic research infrastructure,
  • Geophysical monitoring,
  • Training future leaders of the scientific community.

The EPOS project is carried out by researchers from three departments - Sejsmology, Lithospheric Research and Magnetism.

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