Induced Seismicity Research Infrastructure Centre - CIBIS         

Entity responsible: Institute of Geophysics PAS (IG PAS) Department of Sejsmology

Entities implementing: Institute of Geophysics PAS (IG PAS), Central Mining Institute (CMI),
                                         Military University of Technology (MUT)

Task 2 is mainly aimed on development of data acquisition system, storage and seismological data analysis from the anthropogenic seismicity hazard areas. Currently the data acquisition system named CIBIS is operational and allows sharing and accesing the data via IS-EPOS platform.

The seismological monitoring network in Upper Silesian Coal Basin will be upgraded with new equipment such as rotational seismometers. The latter will be constructed with use of Sagnac interferometer and  FIber-Optic Gyroscope (FOG). The signal processing unit will be designed upon European Patent of Jerzy K. Kowalski, L.R. Jaroszewicz, Z. Krajewski, A. Kurzych, P. Marć „Measurement method and system for measuring amplitude of first two harmonics of signal derived from Sagnac system”, zgł. PCT/IB2015/059521 z dnia 10-12-2015. The basis of the designed seismometer will be Autonomous Fiber-Optic Rotational Seismograph (AFORS), which is aimed for recording and monitoring of rotational components of the earthquake related ground motion.

Another aim of the Task 2 is to prepare new visualisations and software for ground motion analysis tailored to the seismicity related with mining operations. The further development for seismic analysis software SWIP is planned as well as creation of the database of historical earthquake recordings.


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